Super Bowl Snacks That Score!

Super Bowl Snacks That Score!

(NC) – When asked to define the annual event of Super Bowl, most Canadians would likely include the four F’s: football, food, friends, and fun. This makes Super Bowl fans a pretty easy crowd to please. Score a touchdown of your own during the Super Bowl by serving up some delicious munchies that offer nutrition in disguise to keep football fans cheering through the entire game and friends coming back year after year.

Here are a few basic game rules from the Peanut Bureau of Canada for introducing the perfect starting line-up of munchies and executing a delicious and nutritious spread, without the opposition (your guests) ever knowing what hit them.

Keep it simple

Remember that the majority of the food will be scarfed down with eyes glued to the game and, as host of the party, low maintenance food means more time to enjoy the game with friends. Prepare cold stuff like veggies and dip the day before and toss the hot stuff in the crock pot to keep it hot all afternoon long.

Fit it in the palm of your hand

If it requires more than one utensil in order to eat it consider ways of making it into bite size, easy-to-eat format. For example, instead of one large quiche why not try making a line-up of mini versions.

Raise the roof

Rather than serving carbohydrate laden snacks like chips and sandwiches that will have guests dosing off on your couch, serve up snacks that pack a protein punch so that your guests will be able to keep the spirit alive throughout the entire game. Examples of high protein menu items include peanuts, chili, meatballs and chicken skewers.

Don’t break the bank

Paper plates, napkins, and cups will make clean-up easy and create a relaxed party atmosphere. These items can be coordinated to match your team’s colors for an added festive flair.

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