Bone Chillin Brew

(NAPSA) – From ghoulish images to pumpkin carvings to black cat superstitions, Halloween conjures up a variety of spooky traditions that are fun for the whole family.

This festive holiday is also a great opportunity for kids of all ages to express their creative spirit. Following are a few ideas for spooktacular Halloween activities that are sure to produce a whole load of frightful family fun:

  • Involve kids in creating their own haunted look with ‘no sew’ costumes.
  • Keep the bewitched memories from past Halloweens alive. Each year, take photos of all family members in costume and display the photos in festive photo frames.
  • Enjoy a family evening making boo-tiful decorations. For an easy ghost decoration, cover helium balloons with an old bed sheet and tie off at the neck. Draw spooky faces on the sheet and secure with a string to a tree or railing.
  • Rouse some fright by telling ghost stories round-robin style. Light the room with only a flashlight and have each person hold the flashlight while telling a part of the story. The last person in the circle decides the hair-raising end to the tale.

No matter what the activity, make sure to provide some ‘bone chillin’ brew’ and ghoulish goodies. Following is a quick and easy recipe to set the Halloween mood.

Bone Chillin Brew

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Floating Hands:

  • Water
  • Clear plastic gloves
  • Rubber bands or twist ties


  • 2 64 fluid ounce bottles Punch Flavor LIBBY'S JUICY JUICE Premium 100% Juice chilled
  • 1 12 fluid ounce can lemonade frozen concentrate, slightly thawed
  • 4 12 fluid ounce cans lemon-lime soda chilled
  • 4 12 fluid ounce cans lemon-lime soda chilled


For Floating Hands:

  • Pour water into gloves, adding enough water to fill the gloves loosely but not so full that the fingers will not move. Fasten gloves with rubber bands or twist ties. Line baking sheet with paper towels and place filled gloves on paper towels. Freeze for 3 hours or until firm.

For Punch:

  • Combine Juicy Juice and lemonade concentrate in large punch bowl. Gradually stir in soda. Carefully cut gloves off hands with scissors. Float hands in punch.

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