Easy Entertaining Tips

Easy Entertaining Tips

(NAPSA) – Just because you’re trying to lose weight, that doesn’t mean you have a slim chance of entertaining. There are easy ways by which you can make your next get-together diet friendly.

Here are tips to make your get-togethers easy and healthful:

Smart Drinks. Alcoholic drinks can pack quite a calorie punch. Instead, offer a variety of sparkling waters, plain and flavored. Have sliced lemon, lime and cucumber for garnish.

Appealing Appetizers.

Consider such diet-safer choices as shrimp cocktail, crab legs or a crudite platter that includes a variety of veggies and fat-free cheeses.

Significant Sides.

Try a big, tossed salad with a variety of low-fat dressings.

Entree Ease.

To keep your dinner simple and delicious, you can serve entrees such as the Nutrisystem Lasagna and Meat Sauce. Although each entree is individually portioned, you can order several from the a la carte menu online.

Then, transfer them to a serving plate and microwave. For a casual get-together, the Nutrisystem Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza can be a great choice. You can order an individual pizza for each guest and let everyone pick out favorite toppings, from sauteed peppers to onions to mushrooms. There are over 160 delicious entrees that can be ready to enjoy in just minutes. Plus, there are low-glycemic-index foods that are full of good carbs to keep you and your guests feeling fuller longer.

For dessert, try serving the program’s Almond Biscotti with a bowl of fresh fruit.

‘The holidays are a time when people typically expect to gain weight, and with the number of people with type-2 diabetes skyrocketing, your guests will truly appreciate offerings that take their health into account,’ said Sara Solomon, Director of Research and Development at Nutrisystem.

To learn more, visit www.nutrisystem.com or call (800) 435-4074.

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