Green Neptune Power Smoothie

Smoothies are a wonderful way to pack in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein without spending hours in the kitchen. Even for those who avoid vegetables like the plague, the right mixture of fruits and […]


Serve Up Nutritious Chocolate Smoothies

Morning, noon or night, this chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie does an excellent job of satisfying your sweet tooth. Packed with fibre and protein, your family will drink up the classic flavour combo in this recipe. […]


Mambo Mixers – Review

If you like to entertain but would really like to spice it up next time, this is the book for you. Created by Arlen Gargagliano, Mambo Mixers contains the best of the bars and parties in one compact package. Includes recipes for Kiwi Caipirinha and Brazilian Cheese Puffs. […]