The Potluck Craze is Growing

The Potluck Craze is Growing 1

(NAPSA) – The potluck dinner, that American icon of homemade, covered dishes and comforting casseroles, is as popular as ever.

According to a new survey, Americans between 18 and 34 are among today’s biggest fans of potluck events, suggesting continued growth of the phenomenon for years.

Driving this renewed interest, according to Jane and Michael Stern, authors of Roadfood and many other books about our nation’s food tastes, is Americans’ desire to celebrate more occasions at home with friends and family, as well as growing enthusiasm for sporting event and concert tailgating.

The Sterns’ observations back up some impressive statistics. There’s no doubt that Americans love potluck, considering an overwhelming majority of survey respondents has been at a potluck over the past year (87 percent), and, on average, have hosted or attended eight during the past year. During the coming year, the trend is not expected to slow.

Good times with friends and family bring people together for potlucks, but food and planning are almost as important. The Sterns know exactly what it takes to successfully plan and participate, so they’ve shared their expertise in a new brochure, Pyrex Portables Presents Jane & Michael Stern’s Guide to Potluck Entertaining.

The guide covers tips for hosting and attending a potluck, as well as mouth-watering potluck recipes from the Sterns’ own kitchen, such as Tropical Mango Salsa, Spicy Mahogany Chicken Wings, and Triple Chocolate Brownies.

To ensure these and other delicious treats make it to their destination safely and without getting ruined, the Sterns recommend the use of Pyrex Portables glass bakeware with snap-on, no-spill lids and insulated carrying cases with hot and cold packs. This innovative transportation system ensures that any food brought to a potluck arrives looking as perfect and tasting as great as when it was first prepared.

To receive a free copy of the brochure, send a business-sized self-addressed stamped envelope to: Pyrex Portables Potluck, c/o MCVR, 15 Meridian Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724.

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