Show Me The Chicken That Laid That Egg!

(NAPSA) – What weighs 200 pounds, is shaped like an egg, is green in color and cooks great food?

Here’s a hint: It’s a grill, it’s a smoker, it’s an oven, and it does more things better than a warehouse-full of other grills or smokers! It’s the Big Green Egg®.

Maybe you’ve seen one of these magic ceramic cookers in your neighbor’s backyard. Or, better yet, you’ve already eaten a fabulous dinner there, cooked perfectly over natural lump charcoal.

Unquestionably the king of kamado cookers, the EGG® is the contemporary evolution of the 3,000-year-old clay cooker first used in China (later called ‘kamado’ by the Japanese). Many of these cookers were shipped back to the U.S. by American GIs following WWII and a modern, vastly improved version has evolved. The rest of the story is modern outdoor cooking history.

Durable enough to last a lifetime, the EGG provides benefits beyond the enduring value of your investment. There is, of course, the main reason people barbecue: The great taste! And nothing keeps food as juicy or seals in the flavor like kamado cooking.

Traditional meals are barely enough to show what it can do: this ceramic cooker prepares meals ranging from moist flaky salmon to a variety of meat loaves, pizza and bread, turkey necks to frittatas, low ‘n slow cooked caramelized sweet potatoes, lip-smackin’ pulled pork and fallin’-off-the-bone ribs. (Surprise! Cherry pie and countless other delectable desserts, too.)

The EGG handles breakfast to dinner, without any real need for sauces, rubs, marinades and glazes (although you can use them for greater variety). This is all done with the unmatched heat insulating magic of ceramics, different and better than inefficient metal cookers, which cannot hold the heat or retain the moisture of foods.

This is all the outdoor cooker you’ll ever need. Truly the grill of a lifetime, it looks after your wallet and your stomach like nothing else you can buy.

Available in five sizes (mini, small, medium, large and the new XL model featuring a 24-inch cooking grid), suggested retail prices range from $199 up to $989. That’s a lot of value for what is believed by legions of backyard chefs to be the world’s best smoker and grill.

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