Protect Your Kitchen’s Biggest Asset

Protect Your Kitchen's Biggest Asset

Refrigerator 101

(NC) – Kitchen cleaning and organizing is a daunting task. The often avoided chore of cleaning and organizing the refrigerator and freezer can go unattended for weeks and even months in some households. Foods that are past their expiry or containers that have not been sealed tightly can end up developing harmful bacteria and can leave unappetizing smells lingering in your fridge.

Taking the time to properly wrap leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner can ensure that foods are sealed properly so that moisture can’t get in. Storing leftovers in paper, wood, metal and even Styrofoam containers is easy with GLAD Press’n Seal wrap. Organizing and cleaning the fridge and freezer can be completed in these five simple steps:

Step 1:

Empty all the food from the fridge, including old leftovers. Remember to keep perishable items in a cooler to keep them fresh while cleaning. Decide what items need to stay and what items need to be discarded. Look at expiry dates and discard anything that’s past expiration. Keep in mind that open jars and bottles like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise should be tossed after six months.

Step 2:

Using soap and warm water wipe or wash the inside of the fridge from top to bottom. Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of drawers and compartments. It’s also useful to wipe down the exterior making sure to eliminate lingering bacteria.

Step 3:

When washing is complete, it’s time to reload the fridge. Wipe any bottles or jars including jams, pickles and condiment jars to eliminate sticky residue from accumulating on the shelves of your newly cleaned fridge.

Step 4:

Sort and stack items in your fridge so that the space in your fridge is maximized. Press’n Seal wrap forms seals that are stackable! Stack last night’s leftovers of Chinese food in Styrofoam containers, upon wooden bowls or casseroles covered with Press’n Seal wrap. Organize items so that those regularly used are closer to the front of the fridge and are easily reachable.

Step 5:

Finally, protect foods in your fridge and freezer by wrapping them to help prevent freezer burn and maintain freshness. Food waste can also be eliminated by simply labeling and portioning items in the fridge or freezer. When grocery shopping from week to week it’s easy to forget what’s in your fridge or freezer and purchase items that are already there. Using Press’n Seal wrap can also help prevent freezer burn and can assist in eliminating spoilage. By freezing individual servings of meat, you only thaw what you need, eliminating waste.



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