Food Processors

Food Processors

The most versatile kitchen appliance

(NC) – Why not spend less time cooking and more time enjoying meals? Food processors can help you complete all of the time consuming tasks that go into meal preparation. They are the best timesaving devise in the kitchen. Which is why you can find food processors in restaurants and chef’s kitchens around the globe. Chefs have recognized the versatility of this appliance for years

‘Food processors set the hobby cook up for success. Why spend all day cutting a fine dice when your Cuisinart can do this in seconds,’ says John Higgins, world-reknowned Chef and director at George Brown Chef School.

This revolutionary appliance was first introduced in Canada in 1975 by the late Cuisinart founder, Carl Sontheimer. Since then designs have changed but the overall functionality remains the same.

Will a food processor benefit you? Think of the last time you shredded cheese. It probably took you 5 minutes to shred, another 5 minutes to clean the grater afterwards and 20 minutes to give yourself a manicure since you ruined a few nails in the process. A food processor, such as the Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus, can shred a brick of cheese in less than 30 seconds and you can use your dishwasher to clean it afterwards.

But food processors can do so much more than shred cheese! They can perform practically every kitchen task. You can slice, puree, grind, chop, mix, knead and even whip with certain models.

You can make entire recipes in a processor, which means only one bowl to clean. Pizza is a perfect example. You can make the dough, sauce and even slice vegetables and shred cheese all in one work bowl (if completed in the right order).

Food processors are quicker than most professional chefs and produce consistent results every time. If only they could cook.

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