Cookware Is A Key Part Of Any Recipe

Cookware Is A Key Part Of Any Recipe

(NAPSA) – Many cooks and professional chefs are finding that to be at the top of their game they have to pay attention to the bottom-of their pots and pans, that is.

Experts say that for best results, different cooking methods require heat to be transferred from the burner into the pot or pan in a different way, something that most cookware brands don’t allow for because each pot or pan, though a different shape or style, is built the same way with the same materials.

A century-old Belgian company, Demeyere, considered among the best in Europe, has recently introduced its cookware in the United States. And unlike the standard construction that most Americans are used to finding in housewares departments and cooking shops, it custom engineers each piece of cookware to best perform its intended task.

For example, stockpots, saucepans and other pieces intended for liquid cooking techniques like boiling and simmering are constructed very differently from those created for frying or grilling.

When water boils, it boils from the bottom. Using the same material on the sides of a stockpot that is used on the bottom wastes energy and creates a radiator effect that forces heat outward into the kitchen.

Unlike boiling water, cooking methods like frying and grilling require a different type of heat transfer. Most cookware manufacturers make frying pans and skillets that don’t heat uniformly.

Stockpots from this company feature a unique seven-layer base that includes superconductive materials like copper, pure silver and aluminum alloys. But the sides of the pots are 18/10 stainless steel. Not being a good conductor of heat, the stainless steel on the sides of the pan holds in the heat created by the base, ensuring the most efficient use of heat and a cooler kitchen.

The company’s frying pan cooks at the same heat in the center of the base as it does up to the lip because of the unique formulation of seven layers of superconductive metals, not just on the base of its frying pans, but in uniform thickness all the way up to the edge. This increases the actual cooking surface by 30 percent.

Demeyere of Belgium, founded in 1908, specializes in the production of high-quality stainless steel cookware for the professional chef and domestic cook. Worldwide, the company is known for its innovative development of cookware to suit all methods of cooking.

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