Presto Pasta

Presto Pasta

It’s 5:00 p.m., and 80% of the population has no clue what they are having for dinner. Staring into half-full pantries with kids and significant others underfoot, screaming ‘I’m Hungry!,’ many people turn to their favorite caterer (or at least closest)… The Pizza Man. The Rush Hour Cook Series was created with just these meal-dilemmas in mind.

Easy and simple, mealtime solutions have come to the rescue with The Rush Hour Cook Series. For those who want to cut their grocery bills, save time and enjoy incredibly flavorful recipes with simple ingredients, The Rush Hour Cook Series will become a one-stop solution.

Covering the most popular cooking categories, each volume is easily affordable at $5.95 and provides a simple and fun format for those looking to conquer the kitchen rush hour once and for all. Additionally, this four book series offers simple and snappy dinner solutions for less than $1.00 a serving.

Presto Pasta

Who doesn’t like a good pasta dish now and then – this pocket sized book covers everything from Turkey Noodle Soup and Bedazzling Bread Sticks to Skimpy Scampi and Zesty Ziti. Let Brook Noel walk you through the ease of preparation and the variety of pasta dishes available in this little, power-packed volume. Tips, trivia and an etcetera section are filled with time saving suggestions and interesting facts about pasta. Quick Index Lists at the beginning of each chapter and Personal Shopping Guides at the back of the book make organizing and preparation a breeze.

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