Pink Panther Cocktail Party

Pink Panther Cocktail Party

New Book Pays Homage to the Sophisticated Character with Cocktails

Pink Panther Cocktail Party celebrates the coolest cat’s 40th birthday with 85 swank drink recipes.

This gift-sized hardcover book features the lavish illustrations of retro hipster Shag, including his re-creations of the Pink Panther and the cartoon version of inspector Clouseau. Adam Rocke, a savvy barman, weighs in with advice on the art of cocktail-making. The slim volume comes with a CD with an animated music video and various versions of Henri Mancini/s timeless theme song.

Ba-du, ba-du… ba-du, ba-du, ba-du, ba-du, ba-DOOOOO anyone?

Shag, AKA Josh Agle, is the rising graphic artist who recently signed on with MGM to remodel the Pink Panther for its 40th anniversary. His quirky illustrations are sure to make this book a collector’s item. Every page is a delight.
Shag fans will recognize members of his usual cast of characters, such as square-jawed men with skinny ties and women with huge eyelids and bouffant hairdos. The sly, debonair panther is completely at home with these folks, while Clouseau, the awkward detective, appears characteristically ill at ease and un-hip.

The artist’s deeply hued pink, purple and turquoise illustrations are as big a treat as Rocke’s tantalizing recipes. These drinks range from exotic staples – the mojito, pina colada and kamikaze – to unusual potions, such as the Jelly Bean, Panama and (of course) Pink Panther and Clouseau. The book includes handy liquor and mixers glossaries, as well as succinct advice on basic bartending.

Pink Panther Cocktail Party is available wherever books are sold, including the Internet. Visit for more information.

About The Authors

Shag (aka Josh Agle), illustrator of Surrey Books® Pink Panther Cocktail Party, Tiki Drinks, Shag Party, and The Pink Panther Entertains, is one of the hottest pop artist around today. Galleries in Japan, Australia, and the UK represent his art, he recently was hired by MGM to revamp the Pink Panther for its 40th Anniversary, and he redesigned the Tiki Room at Disneyland. His retro artwork appears on bank checks, clothing, barware, and even Zippo lighters. Shag lives with his family ‘and a lot of old stuff’ near San Diego, California.

Adam Rocke is the author of Shag’s Around the World in 80 Drinks, Shag Party, Tiki Drinks and Pink Panther Cocktail Party and the upcoming Pink Panther Entertains. He also writes screenplays and articles from his home in Los Angeles, California.

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