Chile Cabbage

Chile Cabbage with Shiitakes, Sweet Crisp Onions, & Tofu – A three-stage cooking process (same pan, no cleaning in between) allows each ingredient to reach optimal texture and maximum flavor. From the ‘The Vegetable Dishes I Can*t Live Without’ cookbook. […]


9 Weeks For Health eBook

Yes you can enjoy a barbeque even when you are on a diet, try this recipe and see how easy weight loss can be. From the Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself FREE eBook. Download it today. Includes recipe for Quick BBQ Sauce. […]


The Sophisticated Gourmet – Review

A cookbook with something for every stage of a cook’s expertise… novice to gourmet… ordinary to sophisticated. Includes three recipes; Red Pasta Sauce for All Seasons, Pollo Parmagiana – Without The Problems! and Corn All Jazzed Up!. […]