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Submit An Article Or Recipe

Thanks for wanting to be a contributor to RecipesNow! The Reviews and Recipe Magazine.

RecipesNow! is looking for food, cooking, and recipe related articles. Any submissions should be at least 500 words and need not contain a recipe as long as the content is food-related. (“Food-related” includes any submissions about food, ingredients, how it is prepared, where or what. For instance, kitchen decorating or organizing tips or the best cookware to use or what to take on a campout to cook over a fire would also be welcome.)

We encourage authors to include an “Author’s Box” with information about you, your website/blog and a link as well. Please do not include any affiliate links.

While RecipesNow! would be happy to receive a link or acknowledgment on your site it is not required.

If you are submitting a food related article that doesn’t contain a recipe, please use this form.

For recipes and articles containing recipes, you can use the form below if you will be typing in the recipe by hand or you can click this link and use the import form instead. Scroll down and click the Import Recipe From Plain Text button to import a recipe from your site/blog. Then just define the Title, Ingredients etc. and the formatting will be mostly done for you.

If you have any problems, feel free to just paste the whole thing into the Description and WebAdmin will wave the format wand for you.

Sorry, only registered users may submit recipes.

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