Let’s Get Monster Smashed – Review

Let's Get Monster Smashed - Review

If you are a horror movie aficionado of the classics from the ’80s and ’90s with a “deep love of booze” then “Let’s Get Monster Smashed – Horror Movie Drinks For A Killer Time” by Jon Chaiet and Marc Chaiet is the book for you. The authors describe the recipes as a mix of vintage favorites and new classics.

While reading the book I was enjoying the visual appeal. The photos, graphics, and fonts used work very well with the theme of monster movies. It was surprising that the drink recipes themselves aren’t brand specific though. Most drink connoisseurs do like their particular brands and can tell apart in a blind taste test.

After a short but sweet greeting from the author, you are presented with a list of “Spirits & Ingredients”. Each comes with a rather interesting description. For instance, Whiskey is apparently “The Dark King” and Mezcal “Tequila’s Smoky Specter”. The descriptions while a little florid are nonetheless excellent information if you aren’t really familiar with a particular type of booze. Plus the descriptions help set the mood.

Next, comes “Tools Of The Trade” which is essential for setting up a good bar. They mention everything, right down to the cookie sheet needed to transfer gelatin shots to the fridge. They even provide a graphic of each type of glassware used in the recipes to come.

If you are not yet a “Master” of the “Dark Arts Of Drink Making” you could become one after reading the “Techniques & Tactics” section. I have never created a mixed beverage that didn’t require just pouring several different ingredients together and mixing. This section is invaluable to those like me.

Throughout the book, there will be recipes requiring various syrups. The recipes for each syrup are provided under the category of “Satanic Syrups”. These are used to sharpen and sweeten the alcohol recipes to follow.

Get In The Game

If providing the perfect beverage accompaniment for your favorite ’80s and ’90s horror movies isn’t enough, the authors even include a game called “Puppet Master Pick”. Playing this game is pretty much guaranteed to make sure that at least half of your guests are going to be passed out on the floor by the end of the movie. Make sure you take everybody’s keys if they drove.

The recipes for the drinks themselves are broken up into several categories. Categories include:

  • Monster Shots
  • Gelatinous Gulps
  • Potions & Grog
  • Smoking & Mirrors
  • Virgin Sacrifices

Each of the recipes includes a reference to the movie which they recommend you watch while drinking. “You’re Ice Cream!” is the chosen accompaniment to “Ice Cream Man” the 1995 horror. With Chocolate and Walnut Liqueurs, Whipped Cream, Maraschino Cherry, and Rainbow Sprinkles, it is a luscious dessert-like beverage.

The overall impression of the book is definitely ’80s and ’90s horror. The graphics are spot on and there are great photographs throughout the book to show you what your drink may look like. If like me, you have seen only some of these movies, it’s also a great reference for excellent viewing.

This is a must-have for somebody who likes to have themed parties or anyone who loves horror flicks.

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