How To Make Great Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is considered a relatively healthy dairy product the world over. In fact, its popularity in recent years has led to a bit of a price jump. This leaves room for people who want to make their own, homemade yogurt to really shine. Homemade yogurt takes very few steps to complete and has very few twists or turns, but a steady hand can help you to develop your own delicious yogurt.

Healthy Dairy

Yogurt is not only a healthy food for many, but it can also actually improve health in people through its interaction with probiotics and microbial starters. The cultures that help turn milk into yogurt also grow and reproduce themselves. This means that if you have an existing set of yogurt, you have the only store bought product required to combine with milk and help you get started making homemade yogurt right away.

Create It In Only A Few Steps

The first step in making homemade yogurt is to use a large pan or dutch oven to heat a batch of milk. The milk should be heated just below boiling to begin breaking down the proteins in the milk, which causes it to congeal into a solid upon cooling. You then add yogurt, whose culture spreads throughout the milk and helps turn the small amount of yogurt in the milk into a large batch of yogurt instead. This requires keeping the milk at 100-ish degrees for about four hours.

Homemade yogurt won’t taste the same as store-bought yogurt, but that’s not a problem. In fact, the culturing process that turns the milk into yogurt can draw out the flavor and make it taste stronger than simple, store-bought yogurt instead. Plus, once you’re done, you can also add berries and flavors to your yogurt, and often for a reduced cost compared to brand name yogurts. Plus, your finished yogurt can be the starting point when you’re ready to try again.

Making yogurt at home is a growing trend in many homes across the globe. It is a simple process that involves turning two percent milk or even thinner milk strands into yogurt, turning the fat of milk into a sweet snack instead. Making it is simple, though you may have to set several hours out of your day aside. And while it does require some store-bought yogurt to get started, once you have started, you can use your own yogurt in order to keep the cycle going.

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