Back in the day, a hundred million years ago, when I was just a little tiny WebAdmin, I worked for a local newspaper. It was great. The internet was new so we could do what we wanted, go in whatever direction we wanted, forge a new path as it were. There wasn’t a lot of competition but there weren’t a lot of viewers either.

What viewers we had were from all over, my first international eMail came from Malaysia because someone was posted there for work and would check out our site to keep up on news back home. Made me feel like the work was worthwhile.

At first, we kept getting readers sending in sightings of “The King” in town so I created the Elvis Sighting Bulletin Board. That can only go so far though and I got bored. Recipes however never bored me! I loved it when readers would send their family favorites and go-to recipes so we could share them with the world.

As a middling cook who tries, I have always been on the lookout for the PERFECT recipe. The one that creates a 3 Michelin star quality meal by just looking at the ingredients in the fridge. Alas, as we all know that recipe doesn’t exist but that doesn’t mean the search won’t continue.

In the never-ending search for the perfect recipe, I have turned to cookbooks. These are my Holy Grail. If I can’t find the PERFECT recipe, I can find the next best thing. I will help pick the best cookbooks out there. That is where started. Is Born

I took the recipes and built The Recipes Database. With some awesome cookbooks sent from various publishers and the submissions of a lot of viewers, it grew and grew.

After years of input of over 8000 articles, recipes, and links, the site started getting a bit dated. A change needed to take place. So a change was made. I created RecipesNow! The Reviews And Recipes Magazine.

RecipesNow focuses more on the cookbook reviews but will still feature awesome recipes and food-related articles. Submissions from viewers, writers and bloggers will always be welcome. If you have something to share, submit it today.

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