SeaBear Nova Style Smoked Sockeye

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SeaBear Nova Style Smoked SockeyeNova Style Smoked Sockeye Salmon is known for its deep red color, robust taste and smooth richness. This is a wonderfully complex, beautifully elegant Nova style smoked salmon that for years has been the connoisseur’s choice.

The Nova salmon (named after Nova Scotia, where it originated) has a silky smooth texture that we thinly slice for your enjoyment. Nova style is similar to ‘lox’ which many are familiar with, and quite different from SeaBear’s flaky, moist, fully cooked Northwest smoked salmon. As with all SeaBear smoked salmon, our Nova style salmon uses only 100% wild salmon and is smoked over slow-burning native alder wood for a distinctive, uniquely Northwest flavor.

Here’s what customers are saying about Nova Style Smoked Sockeye:

Great product- know that it is high quality‘ B Connelly

Continue the great work you have been doing. I love your seafood selections. They come in excellent condition and we even use the container as a cooler. Thank you‘ K Stevens

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