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A World Of Apples

(NC) – It is no surprise that if you ask somebody what their favourite apple is, they would be able to name a certain variety with great confidence. Now ask somebody what their favourite top three apples are and it may not be so easy.


People are loyal to their apple choice, but Ontario’s apple growers want consumers to expand their apple repertoire. There is definitely more than one apple out there for everyone.

‘If, like many Ontarians, you like the McIntosh you may also like the Empire,’ says Kelly Ciceran, Manager of the Ontario Apple Growers. ‘A slightly tart apple, the Empire is firm and crisp and the perfect apple for snacking or for making fresh homemade applesauce.’

Here are some other tips to help you expand your tastes:

If You Like… Why Not Try
McIntosh Empire, Cortland, Spartan
Red Delicious Gala, Idared, Fuji
Gala Ambrosia, Fuji, Honeycrisp
Golden Delicious Crispin, Jonagold

Take A Bite Out Of Something New Today

Ontario Apples: Best Uses

And if you are looking for further inspiration, visit www.onapples.com for easy recipes featuring your favourite apples.


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