Exciting Ways To Eat More Of This Nutritious Superfood

Avocados are one of the biggest food trends, with some recent news even reporting that millennials are forgoing purchasing homes just to indulge in avocado toast. But it’s not just the younger generation that loves this fruit — Canadians spent almost $254 million on avocados in the past year.

However, not all of us are dipping into our savings accounts to fuel our avocado obsession. A recent survey shows that one in three Canadians never eat avocados.

What’s not to love about this trendy food? Well, 80 per cent of those who never eat avocados said they dislike the taste and texture. And even amongst the fanatics, seven in 10 find they overripen too easily.

The good news is, there are easy ways to get some of the goodness of avocado without the taste and texture.

1. Hide it in smoothie: Add half an avocado to your favourite smoothie and you won’t even know it’s there.

2. Use it as a base for sauces: When it’s too ripe to eat, take advantage of how creamy avocados are and blend them up with pesto sauce or garlic aioli.

3. Try an avocado spread: New Becel with Avocado Oil margarine can be used in all of your baking, cooking and spreading recipes.

4. Add it to dessert: Chocolate and avocados are an odd but delicious pairing. Experiment by adding it to your favourite dessert instead of ice cream a la mode, or use some avocado margarine spread instead of butter in your favourite dessert recipe.

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