Enjoying Ice Cream On A Diet

Enjoying Ice Cream On A Diet | RecipesNow!

(NAPSA) – Summer is the perfect time to lighten your eating habits, but backyard barbecues and family reunions can be filled with indulgent choices. These refreshing and easy tips can help you celebrate summer without sacrificing the best part of any meal-dessert.

  • Go light: When selecting ice cream, opt for a lighter version. A lighter-option product can save at least 100 calories per cup.
  • Try something new: Consumers are seeing more and more frozen yogurt options in the ice cream aisle. Frozen yogurt is a creamy dessert that may contain live and active probiotic cultures-good bacteria that support digestive health. Some brands, such as Blue Bunny, use all-natural ingredients in frozen yogurt and offer a variety of frozen yogurt flavors with indulgent inclusions such as dark chocolate, salty caramel and pralines. Blue Bunny All Natural Frozen Yogurt also contains less fat and calories than premium ice cream.
  • Know your limits: If portion control is your weakness, buy a small ice cream serving such as Blue Bunny Personals or an ice cream cone. With a portion-controlled serving, you can still enjoy a little dessert and satisfy a sweet craving without overindulging. Blue Bunny light and no-sugar-added ice creams are available in Personals sizes, so you can cut back on calories, too. If you prefer indulgent treats, try a creamy ice cream cone, dipped in a rich chocolate sauce and rolled in peanuts. The Blue Bunny Champ! Cone comes in caramel, chocolate and vanilla.
  • Mix in some fruit: Fruit is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try mixing frozen yogurt with antioxidant-packed raspberries and heart-healthy almonds for a satisfying treat. For another great dessert full of flavor but low in calories, try a Caribbean Sundae: Mix fresh mango, crushed pineapple, toasted coconut and no-sugar-added, reduced-fat vanilla ice cream.
  • Prepare petite desserts: Control serving sizes by making small, elegant desserts that will impress everyone. Desserts such as ice cream truffles require only three ingredients and 30 minutes. For this recipe and more ideas, visit www.bluebunny.com.
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