Treasured Recipes - Review

Treasured Recipes – Review

Well, I suppose there is a first time for everything. This is the first time I’ll actually review it back a recipe book that has no recipes. I can see that eyebrow-raising, how can she […]

Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook - Review

Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook – Review

There are few things I love more than curling up with a good book or eating a savoury meal. Being able to do both is a bonus and being able to do both without slaving over the meal is the best. The Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook offers all of that… Includes recipe for Broccoli Corn Bread. […]

Kickin' Chicken Sandwich

Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich

According to Canada’s Food Guide, children 2-13 require one to two servings of meat and alternatives each day. That would be 75 g – 150 g of lean poultry beef, or fish for the entire day. […]

The Sophisticated Gourmet - Review

The Sophisticated Gourmet – Review

A cookbook with something for every stage of a cook’s expertise… novice to gourmet… ordinary to sophisticated. Includes three recipes; Red Pasta Sauce for All Seasons, Pollo Parmagiana – Without The Problems! and Corn All Jazzed Up!. […]