Tantalizing Turkey

You too can make a spectacular turkey dinner!

TT has what you need to help you at every step from thawing to leftovers and everything inbetween.

What’s Inside Tantalizing Turkey? You Get:

  • Turkey Q and A
  • Turkey Tips
  • Best Way to Thaw Turkey
  • Best Way to Stuff Turkey
  • Best Way to Roast Turkey
  • Carving Directions
  • Turkey Apple Stuffing
  • Turkey Gravy with Drippings
  • Turkey Gravy without Drippings
  • Turkey recipes
  • and more!

Shipping, System Requirements and Payment

This is item is an electronic eBook, upon payment you will receive directions regarding how to download it online. There is no shipping fee.

The eBook requires a Windows operating system and Internet Explorer to run. Refunds will not be offered if the eBook doesn’t run on your system because you don’t have either or both.