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Are you worried about soaring grocery prices?

Would you like to reduce your grocery bill?

Out of control grocery spending is one of the biggest money wasters for American families.

We spend $350 a month on groceries for a family of five and we never pay more than $2.00 per pound for meat.

Learn to save, stretch and get more for your food dollars with the Groceries On A Dime e-books!

Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Are you overwhelmed just trying to figure out how to begin getting your grocery shopping under control? The Grocery Shopping On A Budget e-book breaks it down into easy to follow steps. Using these steps, you can learn practical skills that make reducing your grocery bill easier!

  • Find the lowest prices every time you shop
  • How to organize your kitchen into a money saving machine!
  • Easy meal planning tips
  • How warehouse stores can cost you money
  • How to use or not to use coupons

Money Saving Meats e-book

One of the questions we hear most frequently is, “How do you find meat for $2.00 per pound or less?”

The Money Saving Meats e-book gives you lots of useful tips to shop better and use the meat you buy more efficiently. Money Saving Meats includes lots of great reader tips to help you get the most out of your meat budget!

Save On Cleaning Supplies e-book

Is buying cleaning supplies mopping up your cash? Cleaning supplies are a huge expense for the average family. Tawra and Jill spend less than $10 per year on cleaning supplies. The Save On Cleaning Supplies e-book explains how to use cleaning supplies effectively to clean and save money. It also includes recipes for making your own cleaning supplies.

Free Bonus Offers:

When you order the “Groceries On A Dime” e-books, you will also get the following 4 bonus items free!

Eating Healthy On A Budget e-booklet

Don’t follow the crowd! Eating Healthy On A Budget shares thoughts on eating healthy without dumping the contents of your purse on the counter at the grocery store.

Is Eating Out Eating You Up? e-book

Eating Out is one of the biggest reasons for personal debt in America. Is Eating Out Eating You Up? looks at the cost of eating out and provides great alternatives that cost significantly less!

224 Meals In A Hurry e-book

224 Meals In A Hurry gives lots of delicious recipes to get you in and out of the kitchen in a hurry so that you’re not tempted to eat out… AGAIN!

Grocery Savings e-book

Save over $10,000 in a year – Stop throwing your money down the garbage disposal! Grocery Savings includes lots of useful tips to help you reduce your grocery bill. Many people see dramatic savings after using the tips from this e-book.

In the Grocery Savings e-book, Tawra and Jill explain why using coupons is not the best way to save money, how to shop without making so many impulse buys, how to organize your pantry, make a shopping list, and reduce food waste at home.

Get all this, including the Groceries On A Dime 3 e-book series and the 4 bonus downloads (a $57.75 value) for only $9.99!

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