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Weight Loss Tips to Avoid | RecipesNow!

Weight Loss Tips to Avoid

Doctors and the media seem very much aligned regarding one thing these days: obesity is common in America, it is serious, and it poses a huge financial burden on our health system. […]

Ditch the Calorie Counting and Lose Weight with Whole Foods | RecipesNow!
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Ditch the Calorie Counting and Lose Weight with Whole Foods

With the obesity rate increasing drastically, more and more people are turning to fad diets in a desperate attempt to shed weight. People are literally starving themselves through obsessive calorie counting, blissfully unaware of the fact that you can indulge in delicious, wholesome food and still lose weight. […]


Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian – Review

To begin, I want to make it clear. I am not a Vegetarian. That doesn’t mean that a vegetarian cookbook isn’t of value. It is important to have veggies in your diet and everyone should have a go-to dish when having a Vegetarian over to eat. Includes recipe for Chocolate-Chocolate Sparklers. […]


100-Calorie Quick Picks

Take one look down the snack aisle or at a vending machine and you’ll notice that 100-calorie choices are a popular weight-management trend. And you’re likely to eat less when the package is small than when it’s large, according to research conducted at Cornell University. […]