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Microwave Caramel Corn

Part of the hesitation in making caramel corn is the sticky, gooey mess that remains once you’ve finished making it. Help is on the way! This recipe can be made in your microwave, and when you’re finished, you can just throw the paper sack away. […]


Snack Ideas for Kids That Won’t Wreck Mom’s Diet

If you are a mom at home on a diet, you will probably related to a frequent situation I encounter as a weight loss consultant. Many of my clients with children are able to keep to a healthy eating plan through most circumstances except two. It all starts to go astray when the kids come home from school, or when they are preparing school lunches.

Sauces, Dips and Dressings

Girlfriend-Friendly Dip

4 Layer Dip – 2 cans fat-free refried beans 1 pkg light cream cheese 1 pkg light sour cream 1 pkg Southwest seasoning to taste 1 clove garlic pressed 1 pkg light Mexican cheese shredded 1 jar Tostitos Salsa 1 bag Tostitos bite-size rounds tortilla chips […]


Jamie At Home – Review

When someone sends me a cookbook to review I am usually very excited. For me books are oxygen, without them you just can’t live. Food related books are somewhat different, I could LIVE without a cookbook but it just wouldn’t be as much fun. […]