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Holiday Cookies

Born from her childhood memories of festive holiday seasons in Sweden, Holiday Cookies by Elisabet der Nederlanden celebrates her lifelong love of baking around the holidays. The six chapters of recipes will make delicious cookies. […]


The Wizard’s Cookbook – Review

Are you in search of a good dish to serve a visiting witch or wizard? Perhaps you are planning a cosplay party? Maybe you just want to set a magical table. Then The Wizard’s Cookbook is a must-have book for you. Includes recipe for Poisoned Apples from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs own Wicked Queen. […]

Summer Party

Patio Parties

Canadians from coast to coast could teach each other a thing or two about barbecuing. A Leger Marketing poll reveals that more than two thirds (70%) of Canadians describe themselves as having an ‘adventurous’ barbecue personality-and yet this confidence is expressed so differently from region to region. […]