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The New Camp Cookbook – Review

If you are one of the new types of campers who take their vehicle to a drive up tent site, or who uses a trailer/RV then this is exactly the kind of book you need. The New Camp Cookbook – Gourmet group for Campers, Roadtrippers, and Adventures by Linda Ly, is not for the wilderness, hike to the middle-of-nowhere camper. […]


Jamie At Home – Review

When someone sends me a cookbook to review I am usually very excited. For me books are oxygen, without them you just can’t live. Food related books are somewhat different, I could LIVE without a cookbook but it just wouldn’t be as much fun. […]


Watermelon Donuts

Start the day off with a clever take on a popular pastry. Juicy watermelon toped with sweetened sour cream and almonds all made up to look like a donut. Hard to believe but even harder to resist. […]