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I Love Tasty – Review

“I Love Tasty” The Unofficial Cookbook is based on the BuzzFeed Tasty videos. Born from a chance incident, the author wanted to create a cookbook with a lot of step-by-step photos. […]


Holiday Cookies

Born from her childhood memories of festive holiday seasons in Sweden, Holiday Cookies by Elisabet der Nederlanden celebrates her lifelong love of baking around the holidays. The six chapters of recipes will make delicious cookies. […]


Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian – Review

To begin, I want to make it clear. I am not a Vegetarian. That doesn’t mean that a vegetarian cookbook isn’t of value. It is important to have veggies in your diet and everyone should have a go-to dish when having a Vegetarian over to eat. Includes recipe for Chocolate-Chocolate Sparklers. […]


Holiday Cookie Exchange

With the Christmas holidays coming up, many cooks will be looking at lots of baking and preparations for the parties and get-togethers not to mention the big day itself. Try a cookie exchange to reduce the stress and still put out a variety of treats. […]


Tantalizing Turkey! – Article

You too can make a spectacular turkey dinner. Tantalizing Turkey! has what you need to help you at every step from thawing to leftovers and everything inbetween. Includes recipe for Handy Turkey Cookies. […]


Let’s NOT Talk Turkey

The carving. The leftovers. The endless stuffing. Actually, you love the stuffing, cranberries and turkey trimmings. However, it’s been years and you know your family will throw the turkey out the window… Includes recipe for Cranberry Decadent Cookies. […]