Delicious Mexican Foods You Must Try

If you are a foodie and haven’t made your way through a Mexican food menu, you have no idea what you are missing. Mexicans have numerous attractions that are not necessarily limited to their language or tanned complexion. Their food, for instance, is rich, spicy, nutritious, colorful and full of flavor. The names of their cuisines might be tongue twisting and foreign but don’t let them fool you. Trying out unique and spicy Mexican recipes is the best thing you could do for your taste buds this 2018.


The adage you should eat breakfast like a king clearly hasn’t met a traditional Mexican breakfast. This meal is particularly heavy and perfect for a first-time Mexican dinner. It is packed with proteins such as scrambled eggs, grated cheese, cream and pulled chicken topped with red or green salsa. The outer is normally soft corn. You can also order a side of fried beans and bam, you are set for the whole day. Chilaquiles are perfect if you have a busy schedule. As this meal is not your typical cereal breakfast you will want to cut down on the proportions as proteins take longer to digest.


This Mexican dish is popular even in the western states such as Texas. You’ve all heard of Taco Tuesday. Tacos typically refer to cupped edible outers made of either wheat corn of flour. There are two primary types of tacos; soft tacos or tortillas, and hard tacos, tostadas. The difference is based on the ease of fold of the outer. The fillings are normally minced beef, seafood, cheese, and chicken. The perfect taco option for vegans usually has vegetable fillings. Fillings form the various names such as tacos de Pescado ( fish) and tacos de Asador or de Carne (beef). Highly recommended are tacos al Pastor, a traditional soft corn tortillas dish with sliced pork fillings that is garnished with onions, pineapples, and coriander leaves. Other garnishes include salsa, cilantro, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamoles, and chili peppers. Tacos are available throughout the year due to the versatility of the fillings.

Heavy Snack-Burritos

Burritos, like tacos, have made their way into American states. If it is your first try at Mexican food, this meal will leave you in awe. A burrito is a soft corn taco that is fully wrapped around the fillings, unlike tacos where you cup the fillings as you eat. It has gained populace due to the fact that it is among affordable takeaway Mexican meals that you can eat on the go or while working without the cleaning up later hustle.


If you are still on the Mexican food craze and would like to watch your calories, you can forego the Mexican taco pizza and lasagna for mole. This is a dish you can make on your own at home as it typically requires you to simmer peppers over low heat for a while. You can make guacamole by mashing it in avocado sauce. Nonetheless, a vegetable squash of vegetable seeds, tomatillos, chilies, and cilantro is still Mexican enough without leaving you too upbeat to continue with your exploration adventure.

Authentic regional Mexican food is normally spicy. Therefore, before ordering food at any Mexican restaurant, learn the Mexican meanings of suave, media Picante and Picante, which mean mild, medium, and spicy.

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