Boosting Your Energy and Mood with Good Food

Boosting Your Energy and Mood with Good Food | RecipesNow!

Boosting Your Energy and Mood with Good FoodAccording to a poll conducted by YouGov as little as 1 in every 7 Americans wake up feeling energized and refreshed. While experts traditionally recommend 8 hours of sleep a night 45% of Americans who does technically sleep long enough still feel fatigued when they wake up. With the increasing stress experienced on a day to day basis it is not surprising that so many individuals are lacking energy.

While the market has countless quick-fix remedies available to fight off fatigue and boost one’s mood, there are more holistic remedies available. Simply following a healthy diet packed with energy-boosting foods can make a world of difference. Fatigue has the ability to break us down both physically and mentally, making us susceptible to illness and depression. Proper nutrition will make you feel stronger, alert and more importantly, provide you with long-term, sustainable results.

Fresh fruit

Fruit is packed with natural sugars that can provide a quick fix when you are suffering from a lack of energy as they tend to keep blood sugar levels stable and are packed with fiber. Starting your day with an energizing smoothie packed with berries and yoghurt will provide you with enough vigor to get through the day. If you don’t like smoothies you can always just reach for a banana or apple for an energy-packed breakfast on the go.


Tree nuts such as cashews, almonds and hazelnuts are packed with magnesium which is important when it comes to converting sugar into energy for the body to use. The fiber found in nuts will keep your blood sugar levels even and the protein will help keep you feeling full for longer. Nuts are great to snack on during the day or you can incorporate them into your salads or smoothies in the form of nut butters.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains the natural stimulant theobromine which, like caffeine, is able to boost both your energy levels and your mood. By nibbling on a square of dark chocolate after lunch you can ensure that you will have enough energy to see you through the remainder of the day.


Asparagus are very high in B vitamins which are responsible for turning food into fuel that the body can use. You can enjoy your asparagus steamed  or added to your favorite salad. A lot of people also like their favorite stalky green with a dollop of cheese sauce on the side.


Sauerkraut isn’t just good for gut health, it assists your body in maintaining energy as well. The fermented cabbage is packed with probiotics which enables your gut to digest food more efficiently. Since your body has less work to do in terms of digesting food, you are left with more energy to utilize in other ways.

Energy-boosting food sources are plentiful and most are both easy to come buy and cost effective. The recipes you can come up with making use of these ingredients are only limited by your willingness to experiment in the kitchen. If you already enjoy cooking you will enjoy it so much more with the added vigor experienced from feasting on the above energizing food sources.

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