Mocha Tortoni Mousse

This dessert is quick and impressive but can be made ahead and frozen for up to two weeks! Almonds add a simple yet sophisticated touch to this dish, like dressing up a pair of jeans with a great pair of high heels. […]

Side Dishes

Watermelon Mango Salsa

1 mango ripe, diced, 2 Tbsp parsley chopped, 1/2 Cup cucumber peeled, seeded and diced, 1/4 Cup jicama diced, 1/2 Cup watermelon diced, 1 Tbsp lime juice, 1 lemon zest, Pinch kosher, Sea salt […]


Mushroom and Squash Bisque

Easy to make with pre-cut vegetables and prepared in the microwave, this hearty fall bisque combines the rich mellow flavour of mushrooms with any of the varieties of squash, in season. Evaporated milk adds creaminess but keeps it low in fat. […]


Three Cheese Mac

With Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Oil – This one takes a bit of extra effort – but the bowls always come back empty! I bake and serve it in individual ramekins. […]

Ornament Cupcakes | RecipesNow!

Ornament Cupcakes

This Season, Say It With Cupcakes – Homemade holiday cupcake ornaments can be given as delicious gifts or used as a festive holiday centerpiece. […]


Baked Brie With Cherries And Nuts

Smart cooks always keep a jar or two of maraschino cherries on hand to add ruby red color and a hint of sweetness to appetizers, breads and desserts. This easy appetizer makes a great hostess gift or table centerpiece. […]