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An Introduction To Fresh Canadian Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the most versatile and natural ingredients used by today’s chefs. With their rich and meaty texture they can be used in almost any dish, from breakfast to dinner. Most Canadians are familiar with Canada’s most popular mushroom, the white button, but what about all the other varieties on the market? […]

Mealtime Togetherness And More | RecipesNow!
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Mealtime Togetherness And More

Many busy families have found that spending their evening meal together can mean better nutrition and a happier home. A big help in getting it all on the table in time to suit everyone’s schedule can be frozen food. […]


Indian Dal Soup

Had a great dinner at The Bread Bar last night. Its one of the Amaya restaurant chain. One of our friends had an Indian style lentil soup. Here’s my take on it… […]